Friday, December 18, 2015

Top 10 Spring 16 Communities Features

The Salesforce Spring '16 Release Notes are available for preview.  With over 375 pages of content to review, its a lot to cover.  I created my top 10 list of new features coming in Communities.

Setup Changes

  • Communities setup is now available in the Lightning Experience.
  • You can now have up to 50 communities.
  • Customer community supports up to 10 million users (up from 7 million).
  • Community users can see encrypted data.

Emails on Every Post for Large Communities

  • Before this was disabled when the group was over 10,000 members.
  • Now, only disabled when over 10,000 members in the group have selected email on every post.
  • Users may have been previously switched to Daily digest and need to use Email Me to change the setting.

Lightning File Preview Player

  • The same file previews introduced in the Lightning Experience are available in communities.
  • A SVG based file previewer allows richer render quality on document previews - no need to download and no more tiny screen view!
  • You can even preview multiple at once, without opening each file.

New File Previewer

Edit Posts with Files or Links

  • Last release introduced the ability to edit chatter posts.
  • Now you can also edit posts that included files or links.
 Editing capability of post containing and image in Napili.

Enhanced Leaderboard

  • Drive engagement by showing where users rank in the community, including their points.
  • Display users knowledgeable on a topic as well as their last activity. 
Leaderboard properties

Enhanced Page Loading Experience

  • Display a ghost version of a page until the page loads completely.
  • Users previously had a blank page while waiting for a page to load.
  • Enable this in the Settings area of Community Builder.

Share Wave Analytics in Communities

  • This feature is now generally available. You can embed Wave Dashboards in communities.
  • In Wave Analytics Settings, select Enable Wave Analytics for Communities.
  • Communities users that have Analytics Cloud - Wave Community Users permission set and View Wave Analytics on Communities pages permissions can view embedded dashboards.
  • Provide access by using Share from a Wave App or Dashboard.  Users then have read only access and can drill into and explore dashboards.
  • Security predicates still apply.

Topic Catalog

  • Through the use of Topic and Subtopics, you can create a topic catalog for navigation.
  • Have up to 25 topics at the top level, 10 at the subtopic level and another 10 at the sub-subtopic level.
  • Use the Add the "More Topics..." link checkbox when editing the Navigation Menu in Community Builder
 Image of a community's Topic Catalog.

Extensible Aloha Template

  • The Aloha template can now be extended like Koa, Kokau and Napili
  • Create pages, add custom components, customize App Launcher and provide navigation
  • Must update to the Spring 16 template version
Add, configure, or remove components in Aloha template with Community Builder

Improved Insights and Lightning Dashboards

  • The Community Insights Dashboard app has been updated to provide filtering by absolute and relative date range and result sorting capabilities. 
  • Dashboards in Community Management will appear as Lightning Dashboards in both Classic and the Lightning Experience.
  • The update package will be available for download on the AppExchange after the Spring 16 release.
  • You will want to map the correct dashboard version from Dashboard | Settings in your community after installing the package.

There are plenty of other new features coming in the Salesforce Spring 16 release.  What are you most looking forward to seeing?

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