Friday, June 16, 2023

CRM Analytics Save Error - Value required for [actions]

After the Salesforce Summer 23 release, I've encountered this error when attempting to save a dashboard after making changes - Value required for [actions].

What makes this error odd, is the dashboard modification had nothing to do with actions.

Value required for actions error message

A quick look at the dashboard JSON revealed the following interactions node on a table in the widgets collection.

Going to the table on the dashboard and clicking the Interaction tab revealed the following. If there is a partially configured interaction, you won't be able to save the dashboard.  For example, the Click event was established, but no actions defined.

Simply removing the Interaction by using the x on the right allowed the dashboard to be saved.

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  1. Thank-you thank you thank you thank! Was about the panic when I couldn't even old versions of my dashboard. The only result on Google brought me here. I just deleted the whole block in the JSON.