Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wave API and Wave Tools

The Spring 16 release of the Analytics Cloud included the Wave REST API moving from pilot to GA.  This is good news for all of us.  The endpoints are now available with API version 36 and new development will have the backwards compatibility we are used to with the rest of the platform.

However, this means the internal API used in prior Wave versions is now private and for Salesforce use only.  While the API remains available for the next 12 months, newly created dashboard assets are not available.

Currently, the Wave Tools that I covered in A Better Wav to Manage JSON and SAQL do not support the new API.  So any recently created items will not display in the list (older items are still there).  Upon login, there is a Note in the upper right with these details

While we wait for update, check out the REST API details


  1. Dear Carl,

    could you explain what "GA" means ?

    thank you

  2. GA = Generally Available. When Salesforce releases a feature for everyone to use. Many new features go from pilot, to beta to GA.

    Pilot features are often used by a small subset, require invitations into the program (typically through your account executive or partner account manager), and can change before their final release,

    Beta are usually more wide spread with access in Dev org or Sandboxes. Typically the features cannot go into a production environment and there may be changes before the final release.

    GA or Generally Available features are provided for use by all, based on your edition and license.