Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Analytics Explained - Compare Table Unleashed

The compare table, only good for showing boring rows of data, right? Definitely not the case! The compare table has more to offer than it first appears.

I've created an unmanaged package that explores how to unlock the full power of the compare table, no SAQL coding required. Learn how drive better insights in Einstein Analytics through the following:

- Building killer dashboards without writing code

- Creating advanced compare table charts, such as timeline charts with separate lines by year

- Tips and tricks for creating formula columns and using functions

- Leveraging advanced functions for rankings, period over period changes and running totals

- Strategies to handle null values and turn 'No Results Found' into zeros


You can check out the following recordings of sessions I delivered on Unleashing the Compare Table

In order to help you follow along with the examples, I have create an unmanaged package with an Analytics Template app.  Below are details on how to install and setup the examples, in your own org.


First, Enable Wave Template Support under Analytics | Settings in Setup

Next, use the following link to install the Compare Table Unleashed unmanaged package.  This package contains an Analytics Template to create your own copy of the dataset, lenses and dashboards.


Before heading to Analytics to create an app, be sure your user has permission to use Analytics Templates.  There is one permission (Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps) that needs to be enabled in a permission set assigned to your user.  The related permission, Use Wave Analytics Templated Apps, will be selected automatically.

While selecting Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps is easy, assigning the permission set to your user may be an issue.  There needs to be the correct Permission Set License assigned to the user.  If the Permission Set License is missing, you will receive the following error when assigning a user 
  • Can't assign permission set Wave Analytics Trailhead Admin to user <Name>. The user license doesn't allow the permission: Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps

There are a couple of Permission Set License Options you can assign to your user that will allow this permission to be enabled.  It will have Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps listed.
  • Analytics Cloud - Wave Analytics Platform (recent dev org only, may not work in older orgs)
  • Manage Analytics Templates
  • Individual Analytics Apps 
    • Sales Analytics
    • Service Analytics
    • Event Monitoring

App Creation

Now it's time to create an App in Analytics from the Template.  After selecting Analytics from the App Switcher, use the Create -> App option to bring up the template selection window.  Select Compare Table Unleashed from the left-hand side.  Then supply the name you want to use for the App.

The App creation process will create and execute a dataflow to extract Opportunities, Accounts and Users, create lenses, dashboards and setup the XMD.  Once the process completes, you will receive an email.  Finally, refresh the page and start exploring.

Compare Table Unleashed

Within the new App, there are a series of lenses that examine how to leverage all the functionality of the compare table.  It all culminates in the Compare Table Unleashed dashboard, made entirely from compare table widgets.

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